Please select the hardware version you have

What hardware version do I have?


G   GS   GL
54G v1.0   54GS v1.0    
54G v1.1   54GS v1.1   54GL v1.1
54G v2.0   54GS v2.0    
54G v2.2        
54G v3.0   54GS v3.0    
54G v4.0   54GS v4.0    
54G v5.0   54GS v5.0
(N/A: VxWorks 5.4.2!)


Update 2005/11/14:
I have not done much work with WRTs recently,
          so if you have any of the newer CFEs please send them
          to the (now correct) e-mail address below. Thanks, LW


Note: If your model does not have a link, then I do not have a CFE for that version.
If you have one that's not listed, feel free to e-mail it to "cfe at greyskydesigns . com"
I will strip the MAC addresses out of it, so don't worry about that.